Explore the variety of Y Summer Programs at over 60 metro-area locations. Programs include flexible three-, four-, and five-day options. There’s something fun for everyone—from preschool through grade nine.

Kids enjoy adventure and discovery activities in age-appropriate and small-group activities. Ages vary by location.

Summer Power Outdoor Adventures

Fascinating adventures in a safe, quality childcare program. A partnership between River Crest Elementary, Hudson Y and Camp St. Croix.

Older kids spend their days on field trips, outings to amusement and water parks and in fun group activities that exercise the body and challenge the mind. Ages vary by location.

Summer Uproar Day Trippers

Fieldtrip adventures on a day-by-day schedule for preteens and teens.

Mini Sports

Build your preschooler's interest and skills in a week-long sports program for kids ages four to six years. Ages vary by location.

Summer Sports Extreme Skate

Kids feel the freedom of the wind in their face as they skate along on roller blades or skateboards at the Tri-City Skate Park! 

Youth can learn to skateboard with lessons at Tri-City Skate Park.

Kids entering grades five through eight can spend exciting days skateboarding plus enjoying a second sport, field trip, or activity