Creativity abounds in Arts. Our Arts program encourages personal expression and the freedom to create as well as giving participants new experiences. The Y celebrates diversity and the arts everywhere within the Y environment. Kids develop a newfound confidence and increased self-awareness as they explore and express themselves through art and language.

Early Spring Classes & Lessons

Classes begin daily the week of February 23. Session ends April 12. Registration is Open.

3D Art

Learn about dimension, perspective and spatial concepts


A hands-on cooking experience

Jewelry Making

Learn to make jewelry

Messy Play

Kids do exciting art, craft and messy play activities, age-appropriate activities


Learn the basics of rhythm, music and movement


Kids explore various styles and painting techniques


Kids will learn pottery techniques.


Kids will learn how to express themself in new exciting and creative ways.


Kids make personalized scrapbooks


Introduction to the Spanish language and culture


Kids can gain self-confidence as they learn how to sew

Sign Language

Learn the basics of American Sign Language

Story Starters

Using Story Starters as the key text for the instructor, this class will challenge elementary students to go deeper in their listening, writing, spelling and public speaking skills.