Kids learn and develop new skate skills such as “ollies,” “pushing, pumping,” “riding fakie,” and “carving and dropping in” at our Skate Parks.

  • Ages: 6-18+

  • Safety gear is required for all participants.
  • Kids need their own skates or skateboard, helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.
  • Contact the YMCAs below for details on lessons, days and hours.

Skate Parks are available at the following Ys:

Edina YMCA (Tri-City Skate Park)

  • Open April to October. 
  • Ranging from 4-12’ deep.

Hudson YMCA (Royalty Skate Park)

  • Open April to October.

White Bear Area YMCA (Wheel Park)

  • Open April to Labor Day. 
  • Features a half pipe, rails and jumps. 
  • Y staff always on duty.