Preschoolers develop their cognitive skills through hands-on activities that create enthusiasm and excitement for successful learning.

Pre-Kindergarten students develops skills for classroom readiness; socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Children develop a passion for learning and experience a true sense of achievement.

Preschool Developmental Focus

Building a foundation for successful learning:

Pre-writing Skills

  • Teacher-assisted name recognition and sign-in
  • Interactive writing
  • Letter formation


  • Shared reading
  • Letter recognition
  • Introduction of rhyming and alliteration

Developing Math Skills

  • Counting
  • Shape sorting
  • Matching patterns

Social/Emotional Development

  • Exploring solutions to conflict
  • Recognizing feelings
  • Building peer relationships

Pre-K Developmental Focus

Readiness in skills required for Kindergarten:

Building Writing Skills

  • Model writing
  • Letter practice

Building Reading Skills

  • Interactive reading
  • Book knowledge
  • Print knowledge
  • Take-home activities for parent involvement

Developing Math Skills

  • Structured activities
  • Math games
  • Exploring concepts of addition, subtraction and classification

Social/Emotional Development

  • Problem solving with peers
  • Building peer relationships
  • Developing self-regulation
  • Understanding social cues

Physical Skill Development

  • Large and fine motor skills